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40 Amazing Developers You Should Follow On Youtube

40 Amazing Developers You Should Follow On Youtube

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·Oct 21, 2020·

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There some of the most amazing developers that will teach you everything you need to know for HTML, CSS and JS.

These creators do videos on frontend, backend, databases, cloud servers and much more. If you want to learn anything from React, Angular, Vue or even NodeJS, Mongo, AWS and much more, there are great people to follow here.

Who is your favourite, and did I miss anyone?

Youtube: 40 Amazing Developers You Should Follow On Youtube
  1. Ben Awad

  2. The Coder Coder

  3. Brad Traversy

  4. Dev Ed

  5. Florin Pop

  6. Fireship IO

  7. Danny Thompson

  8. The Net Ninja

  9. Niall Maher

  10. William Candillon

  11. developerHabits

  12. Tim

  13. Gary Simon

  14. James Q Quick

  15. Weibenfalk

  16. Kevin Powell

  17. Dennis Ivy

  18. codeSTACKr

  19. Chris Sean

  20. Program With Erik

  21. Swizec Teller

  22. Faraday Academy

  23. Web Dev Simplified

  24. Coding Garden

  25. JavaScript Mastery

  26. Code with Ania Kubów

  27. CodingTutorials360

  28. Caleb Curry

  29. RealToughCandy

  30. Eddie Jaoude

  31. Eleftheria Batsou

  32. Jesse Showalter

  33. Catalin Pit

  34. CodingEntrepreneurs

  35. CoderOne

  36. Classsed

  37. Chau Codes

  38. Dev Mentor Live

  39. Claudio Bernasconi

  40. Free Code Camp

These creators also have tips and tricks on freelancing, books to read to improve your programming skills or do better at coding. Application devs as well as web dev skills that you might want to learn along the way in your journey as a programmer. One of my favourites is freeCodeCamp which is a community of developers that cover all topics related to making websites and applications.

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